The long wait is over, and it’s everyone’s favorite time of the year again. Festivities, vacations, scrumptious food, family reunions – this is the season to take a break from hectic work life and make merry. Just don’t let the excitement buzzing in the air get the better of you. Whether you are traveling or staying in to celebrate, you can’t afford to let anything go wrong and ruin the season.
With the holidays kicking in, our minds are so preoccupied planning them, that we often neglect an important part of our lives – our home. Your home is your most important asset. Take a few steps toward its protection to avoid untoward incidents and enjoy the season without any worries. Following are some holiday safety tips you can follow to keep your home and family safe. 
Lock up your house properly – Secure your home with a high-quality lock system to keep intruders from entering in. You can also go in for tech-enabled security alarm system to ensure higher security. Check the locks on the house before leaving for a short or long trip. 
Appoint a neighbor as your watcher – Ask a trusted neighbor to keep a regular watch on your house while you are away. They can take note of any suspicious activity around your house and alert you in time. They can pick and keep your letters and newspapers lest they stack up outside your house, informing the burglars that the house is empty. 
Smarten up while lighting up – If you want your home to look the prettiest, brimming with shiny lights and fancy lamps, then you’ll have to be extra careful. Take care while decorating your home –check for frayed cords, cracked bulbs, and broken sockets. Many incidents of fire accidents and house burning are reported during the Christmas season. So take a little caution to prevent them. Leave the lights on when you are off on vacation to give burglars the false impression that the house is occupied.
Be extra safe with chimney and fireplace – Between 2011-2015, U.S. fire departments responded to an average 200 home fires that started with Christmas trees and decorations per year. Have a professional inspect, clean and repair your fireplace and chimney well before the festive season, lest they can malfunction during the celebrations and spoil them.  Decorate the fireplace smartly. Don’t place any combustible item near the fireplace. 
Go for sure shot security – No matter how much you do to prevent a situation, sometimes unforeseen incidents can occur, which are beyond the control of humans. This is why taking out a home insurance policy is the safest bet to protect your home from such mishaps. Make sure to hire a genuine insurance company to cover your house and its contents legitimately – and you’ll be enjoying your holiday season stress-free.