Summer is winding down, and that could only mean one thing: it’s back to school time! Sure, you have all your the items your kids need to look stylish and be successful in the classroom, but what about their safety?

Keeping children safe is the top priority, especially for younger children and those heading to school for the first time.

Did you know that August is Back to School Safety month? With the little time we have left before school starts, let’s educate our children on how to be safe while heading back to school.

School Bus Safety

Loading the Bus

If your children will be riding the bus, make sure that they know the bus number, bus stop, and the bus driver. This will help them get on the right bus if the school has multiple buses that leave the school.

Make sure they get to the stop early, so they aren’t running after a bus and potentially injuring themselves. When your child gets to the bus stop, help them understand that they need to stand clear of the approaching bus and they are standing a few feet from the curb.

When boarding the bus, they should only board after the bus has come to a complete stop and the driver has instructed them to board. When boarding, make sure that they get on in a single file line and one child boards at a time and make sure they follow the bus driver’s rules when making the trek to school.

Unloading the Bus

Help your child understand that they should leave the bus in the same manner that they entered the bus; single file and one at a time.

Once out of the bus, they should know to stay in clear view of the driver and never walk behind the bus. Additionally, they should always obey street laws and never dart out into the street or cross between cars.

Walking Safety

When walking to school, children need to be seen. Also, teach your children to walk against traffic to maximize their chances to be seen at all times. Like with unloading the bus, they should obey all the street and traffic rules.

Bike Safety

Like walking, children on bikes should always be seen while on their way to school. However, bikes ride with the flow of traffic and should ride on the sidewalk if at all possible. This should go without saying, but while riding bikes, children should always wear a helmet.

Be Safe

Back to school is a fun and exciting time for kids because it’s a fresh start. Following the right safety measures will preserve this fun and excitement and make a memorable 2018-19 school year.