If you didn’t know, fall is the perfect season to provide the maintenance your home needs because it’s not too hot or too cold outside. Additionally, this sets the stage for a pleasant fall and relatively stress-free winter.

If that sounds good to you, improve the health of your home, and add these tasks to your fall home maintenance checklist!

Check Gutters & Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are meant to direct rain and to melt the snow away from the foundation and the overall structure of your home. During the fall seasons, leaves and other debris get accumulated in gutters. This makes it ideal and essential to clean your gutters and downspouts to avoid drainage issues and in some cases, gutter breakage.

Take Care of Your Yard

Fall is a great time to get out there and trim plants and trees, relocate potted plants that may be susceptible to the cold weather, and rake leaves regularly because it’s not too hot or not too cold. By completing your yard maintenance in the fall, your yard will be beautiful and safe in the months ahead.

Test Your Furnace

To combat the cold temperatures during the fall and winter months, it is crucial to have a furnace that works the way it should. Make sure to give a professional check your heating system to see if it’s running optimally and if there is need of some repairs. You should also make sure to replace your furnace filters per the manufacturer’s instruction.

Book a Roof Inspection

How is your roof? Is it in its best shape? If you feel that it could be better, call a roofer to inspect it and give the peace of mind you deserve. If something is wrong with your roof, you must get it repaired or replaced before the snow falls or unwanted chilly air enters your home.

Check Windows & Doors

Before winter and the snow sets in, make sure your home has updated, and well-sealed doors and windows. Check if any winds are flowing through your windows and doors and replace your weatherstripping if needed. In case a window or door is incorrectly sized, cracked, or broken, you will have to get it repaired.

We hope these fall maintenance tips will serve to benefit you and prepare your home and family for winter. Contact us for a homeowner’s insurance quote today.