Are you craving a laidback outdoor life this summer? It’s finally time to prep your outdoor spaces and bring your yard to its best shape. And don’t worry as your yard transformation goal won’t break the bank!
Just perform these simple jobs to get your yard summer ready in practically no time at all!

1. Start With This Cleaning Checklist

Rake The Lawn – A cluttered lawn not only looks unsightly but also impedes the growth of your grass beds and vegetation. Fetch a rake and clear off all the leaves, twigs and other debris piling up in your yard.

Clear The Outdoor Fireplace – If you have an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, get rid of old ashes and junk from your last fire. You do not want to attract pests in your yard with a dirty fireplace!

Clean The Grill – Now is an excellent time to bring your barbecue out and clean it up properly. You may want to stay prepared for an impromptu gathering and summer grilling. If your old grill looks rusty and dilapidated, consider getting a new one!

Wash Off Your Hard Surfaces – Don’t forget to wash off your sidewalks, driveways, fence, decks, and other countless areas that you’ll feel like washing once you are on your cleaning spree! If possible, you can even invest in a quality pressure washing services to get the best cleaning results for your hard surfaces.

Clean Your Outdoor Light Fixtures – Although this may look like a trivial task, cleaning your outdoor light fixtures can make a significant impact on the overall look of your yard. Disassemble the light fixtures safely, if possible, and wash the glasses with soap water. Add fairy lights or other decorative lights in your yard to create a welcoming ambiance.

2. Feed Your Grass Beds And Vegetation

• Fertilize your green areas to help your grass beds thrive and use pre-emerging weed killer to minimize the risk of weed growth. Repeat this process after every six to eight weeks.
• Help your soil retain its moisture and nutrients by adding mulch. This will also ensure healthy plant growth despite the hot summer weather.
• Mow your lawn regularly but maintain a healthy grass height between 2.5 to 3 inches. During the hot summer days, you can allow your grass beds to grow about half an inch longer to help them stay shaded and prevent excessive loss of moisture.
• Watering your lawn adequately in summer is the key to maintaining a lush green yard. Choose deep irrigation over brief sprinkling your lawn to ensure deep water penetration.
• Call in a professional lawn care team to get your nearby trees inspected for any injury risks. Also, get pest control done to ensure that no pests are lurking around in your lawn.

3. Pop Some Colors With Beautiful Plants

Incorporating beautiful flowers in your outdoor space can make your yard stand out. So don’t forget to fill your window boxes, hanging baskets, and patio pots with flowers. You can buy pre-made flower pots or choose to create a visual variety using a combination of tall, medium-height, and cascading plants. Ensure proper care and water them regularly.

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