Expecting to have the best road trip of your life? Plan ahead of time to make sure your trip doesn’t take a wrong turn! Pay heed to these 6 smart tips to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and comfortable all along the journey.

1. Get Your Car Road Ready

A long road trip is like running a marathon for your car! And if you don’t want to see your car losing, make sure it is in the best shape. Prepping your vehicle before you set about your road trip will make your drive smooth, safe, and memorable. It is smart to get your car inspected by a specialized auto mechanic a week or so before your trip. You certainly don’t want a last-minute auto repair job to put you in a tight spot! In a detailed safety inspection, your mechanic will inspect everything from belts and hoses to fluid levels to lights, and even the tires and brakes and will make sure your vehicle is ready for the road.

2. Pack Your Emergency Kit

Despite your car’s excellent maintenance and a precise plan for the trip, you can’t eliminate the element of risk in long road trips. When on the road, we all expect to have a comfortable and smooth journey. However, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for the worst! An emergency kit can be your helping hand in roadside emergencies! Here are a few items that you won’t regret packing for your road trip:

• Maps or GPS
• A spare tire, a jack, and basic auto tools
• A fire extinguisher
• Lots of bottled water
• Spare headlight bulbs
• Emergency contact list, including roadside assistance providers
• A first aid kit
• A car repair guide
• Candles and matches
• Gloves
• Oil
• A flashlight and a mirror

3. Don’t Miss Out On Your Sleep

The risk of being involved in an accident increases if you are driving drowsy. According to the NHTSA, this condition is a common factor in the majority of road accidents. Make sure you are well rested before you take the wheel. Switch with another adult driver when you feel tired.

4. Stay Protected From The Sun

Take measures to defy the sun on your road excursions. Use sunblock and wear sunglasses all day long. You can also make your little ones wear long brim hats and get a sunshade installed for your backseat. When stepping out of the car, don’t forget to cover safety seats with blankets so that you don’t find them unbearably hot for your baby’s tender skin! In the warm weather, the temperature inside your car can increase to uncomfortable degrees in just seconds. So never leave your kids alone in the car!

5. Store Your Baggage Safely

Large items, when kept loosely, can inflict serious injury. During the sudden application of brakes, these items can become projectiles and hit any passenger in the car. Keep your heavy luggage fastened correctly in the space between the front and rear seats. Likewise, fasten down your suitcases, strollers, and other bulky items securely as you store them in your open cargo area.

6. Don’t Be Blinded By The Other Car’s Headlights

Look straight, but you don’t have you look directly at the bright headlights for a long time as this can blur your vision for a brief period! The receptors of your eyeballs are highly sensitive, especially the ones active at night. Keep shifting your gaze to the lower right side of the road to avoid vision problems. Don’t worry as you can trust your peripheral vision to keep you in the right direction.

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