Summer is the perfect time to spruce up your home’s curb appeal! By adding a few touches of glamor and personality to your home’s exterior, you can make a great first impression on your guests.

Utilize the summer’s extra daylight hours to perform these quick and exciting outdoor improvement tasks and give your home exteriors a visual boost!

1. Give Your Front Door A Colorful Makeover

Many homeowners don’t know that the front door is the focal point of their home’s curb appeal. Hence, applying a fresh coat of paint to your front door is a must-do task! To choose the right color, evaluate the entire color scheme of your home’s façade for inspiration. In case your home has a neutral color, such as beige, ivory, taupe, or gray, then go for bold colors to create a perfect contrast!

2. Add The Charm Of Window Boxes

Window boxes are an ultimate head-turner and a pleasant sight for sore eyes! Keeping these small, fun-sized gardens by the windows can help you give your home a charming and welcoming appeal. Endless choice of plants and box styles make it easy for every homeowner to create a unique display!

And what is even more amazing about this décor option is that window boxes are quite easy to plant and maintain. They can go with any home, from big condominiums and recreational homes to small apartments and city houses.

3. Brighten Up Your Outdoors With Perfect Light Fixtures

Lighting is a crucial element in both interior and exterior home decorations. A well-executed outdoor lighting system can add an eye-catching charm to an otherwise bland space. You can illuminate your outdoor environment by hanging a classic lantern by the door, as well as by adding pendant lights and wall lights. If you have a front porch or landscape with outdated lighting fixtures that give out poor illumination, you should invest in replacements. Also, don’t forget to clear away dirt and cobwebs from the lighting fixtures regularly, or at least once every month!

4. Install New And Interesting Door Hardware

Upgrading your door’s old hardware is a quick and affordable way to add decorative details to your home’s entrance. For creating a striking first impression, choose a color that stands in contrast to your door’s paint color. Some perfect combinations include black hardware for a white door and brass hardware for a black door. You can also add an element of distinction in your door style by adding a creative door knocker of your choice!

5. Freshen Up Your House Number

Address your home with a statement house number and make your home stand out in the neighborhood! The key to choosing the right style is by picking up something that goes with your home’s architectural style or with the style of your outdoor lighting fixtures. Also, select a font that is readable yet distinctive enough to catch attention from a distance. You can even choose to create a unique house number by upcycling waste material and unused items in your home.

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