For most homeowners, fall is the time to take care of the big home repair and cleanup projects. Fall maintenance is a necessary chore as it not only helps you stay cozy in your home during winter but also prepares your property to face the harsh weather of cold months.

Although we agree that preparing your home for winter isn’t exactly rocket science – with most of the tasks being reasonably simple – some useful tips can surely boost the process for you.

Here are some must-do fall maintenance tips that will help you keep your house in shape during winters!

1) Clean The Gutters And Downspouts

Once you see that the leaves have fallen, make sure to check and clean out your gutters and downspouts. Leaves often clog the drains and go unnoticed during the winter season. These clogged gutters later result in damage to your roof or siding.

2) Check For Drafts And Add Weatherstripping

Check all your doors and windows in your property for drafts and seal them. After that, apply weatherstrips around the frames to boost winter warmth. Don’t forget to inspect and cover the open vents, as even a tiny gap can let mice enter your home and wreak havoc.

3) Prepare the Lawn

Keep your lawn green by doing the right preparations! Since the roots of your grass are active during fall, it is an excellent time to apply fertilizers and protect them from winter damage. By doing this, you also help the grass in your lawn grow faster during the spring. Don’t forget to prune the trees and plants to avoid falling limbs during winter storms.

4) Repair And Clean The Exterior

Inspect your property thoroughly. Take a walk around and look for signs of damages on the roof, siding, and foundation. If you happen to find a few, make the repairs as soon as possible. You can do it on your own or call the professionals for the job.

5) Stock Up For Winters

To make sure that winter goes by smoothly, you need to prepare. Take out your winter equipment such as snow shovels and ice scrapers to inspect their condition and replace them if needed. If you have a snowblower, get it serviced quickly. Also, don’t forget to restock the emergency supplies for your home and car.

6) Empty And Shut Off Exterior Faucets And Hoses

If you live in a place where winters are cold, take the necessary precautions to protect your pipes. Drain the water from your home’s exterior faucets and hoses and shut them off. Let the hoses dry, and then store them inside.

7) Change Your Filters And Batteries

Once a year, you must perform a safety check on all your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide devices. Replace the batteries while you are at it. Also, check the expiration date of your fire extinguisher to ensure that it comes handy when needed.

8) Put Your AC Unit Away

AC is a must-have to live comfortably in summer. However, you won’t be needing it anymore, and it is better to get it serviced and removed before the temperature drops. If you have a window AC unit, cover its exterior properly with an insulating wrap to keep it functioning.

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